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So I saw the midnight show, was good movie. My original thought of this movie was it was going to be a remake of the Independence Day for our new year. Now after watching I’m glad that it’s not Indepence Day, it’s a better version it’s updated its it’s more real it’s got real harmony to it, it’s got everyday life and style. It conveys what it would really be you like if we were over run by aliens, what our military would go through; the hardships they would have to face, the loss of a friend and comrade. It’s realistic, its life like, its grief, and struggle. They even go as far as explaining why we would be overrun by aliens, what they might come here for. I really like this movie, it is in a essence what may happen 1 day. I have friends in the service and I’ve lost friends in the service, I’m sure that this is how they would feel, loosing a friend or comrade, or physically what they’d endure. This is the struggle of what could happened. The graphics in this is great as well, there is a great job put into every essence of the movie and relating it to reality…

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